Axis Discovery, LLC is a boutique firm that delivers big results. By utilizing a core group of highly skilled employees with diverse backgrounds, we make certain that our clients receive the very best in both quality service and expert advice. Through our strategically aligned partnerships, we have the ability to offer a thorough, comprehensive, and product agnostic solution to your digital forensic or E-Discovery needs.

Certifications A partial list of certifications Axis Discovery maintains include:

  • ACE Icon ACE – AccessData Certified Examiner
  • CCE Icon CCE – Certified Computer Examiner
  • CFCE Icon CFCE – Certified Forensic Computer Examiner
  • EnCE Icon EnCE – EnCase Certified Examiner
  • CHFI Icon CHFI – Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator
  • MCP Icon MCP – Microsoft Certified Professional

Associations and Affiliations Axis Discovery staff maintains membership with the following associations:

  • HTCIA Icon HTCIA – High Technology Crime Investigation Association