Data Collection

Often one of the most overlooked yet critical components involved with litigation or the anticipation of such, involves the preservation and collection of electronic data. Axis has a proven track record of helping clients strategically navigate through this initial phase. Our team will assist in the identification, collection, and preservation of your electronically stored information and provide guidance to alleviate the concerns of both over and under preserving. Axis can help facilitate collection from a variety of devices, utilizing a number of methods.

The following are a examples of the types of collections our team can perform:

Cloud Collection

In today’s technology driven world, “Cloud Computing” has become commonplace. Simply stated, cloud computing is the storage of data on servers that are accessible via the Internet. Many individuals and organizations have transitioned to storing their data in the cloud. Whether Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, DropBox or any other provider, our team can assist in the collection of this data.

Forensic Collection

A forensic collection is a defensible process of capturing a bit-by-bit image of an entire computer hard drive or other digital media. A full disk image may often be advisable or even required to ensure that all data is captured (both active and deleted). Some case types where a forensic, full disk image may be necessary would include:

Finally, a good forensic collection does not always mean a full disk image; rather the collection ensures the preservation of all original metadata.

Remote Collection

If an on-site collection presents logistical or other challenges, Axis has the ability to perform a collection remotely. In a remote collection, we will ship a forensically sterile USB hard drive with the necessary collection tools to the requested location. Once the hard drive arrives on-site, one of our examiners will remotely work through the entire collection process. Once the collection is complete, we will provide instructions to ship the drive back to our lab for processing and analysis.

Targeted Collection

In some instances, a full disk image may result in over preservation or may prove to be unnecessary. In a targeted collection, we will identify and collect specific data sets that have been identified by individual custodians or legal counsel as potentially relevant content.