Digital Forensic Investigations

Digital evidence is present in nearly all types of investigations conducted today. How you respond and what steps are taken can make a considerable difference in the outcome of your case. It is important to understand that properly handling these matters requires specialized expertise that goes far beyond normal data analysis and collection traditionally performed by end-users or IT professionals. One of the biggest mistakes organizations make is not consulting with a digital forensic expert soon enough. Our team will ensure that your digital investigation is handled in a thorough and defensible manner.

Below are just a few examples of where we can help:

Court Appointed Experts & Neutral Forensic Examinations

When the need for a neutral or court appointed expert arises, Axis is ready to assist. We have the knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive insight and expert opinions on cases ranging from copyright infringement to intellectual property theft. Our team will work with all parties involved to develop and apply a strategic and transparent approach to ensure that all parties expectations are met.


Today most financial transactions occur electronically. As such, there are often a number of digital artifacts left behind that can provide crucial evidence for your case. These can include financial records, Internet history, USB activity, and a number of other artifacts. If you suspect an employee or former employee of embezzlement, we can assist by conducting an in-depth analysis and provide detailed reporting of the digital activity.

Employment & Non-Compete Disputes

Most companies would agree that their personnel are one of their most important assets. We would all like to think we are part of the same team however, disputes occur. Whether you’re a plaintiff, defendant, employer or employee, we will seek a strategic approach to find the facts. We will identify, collect and provide an in-depth analysis of your electronic data. The data doesn’t lie and if it exists, we will find it.

Intellectual Property Theft & Data Misappropriation

In today’s corporate world, competition and greed are often inevitable risks for your business. If you’re like us, you value your intellectual property and protecting it is more important than ever. We will work together to develop a targeted plan to identify and track the movement and potential whereabouts of your data. You work hard to create your data and we’ll work with you to make certain you keep it.

Mobile Device Forensics

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, mobile devices have become more prevalent than ever. These devices are mini computers and as such, they contain a wealth of information. This can include content such as Internet history, pictures, videos, documents, text messages, phone call logs, voicemail, email, application data, etc. Our experts are at the forefront of this industry and will employ the latest tools and techniques to extract data from your mobile device.

Targeted Data Deletion & Device Wiping

Whether as part of a settlement or data retention policy, Axis will assist in locating and permanently destroying identified data throughout your organizations IT infrastructure. Due to the fact that data can reside in numerous locations, such as local computers, removable media, network shares, email, etc., it is important to devise a comprehensive approach to ensure that all relevant data is found and permanently destroyed. As such, Axis will develop a strategic plan to locate and remove all instances of the respective data to make certain that it is permanently erased and no longer recoverable.

Spoliation & Data Alteration

Upon the anticipation of litigation, parties have the duty to preserve relevant data and cease in the destruction of the same. In some circumstances prior to a party providing digital evidence for analysis, users will engage in targeted or mass deletions of potentially incriminating data. Whether these acts are malicious or inadvertent, Axis has the expertise to analyze and reconstruct the data and events, preceding these events.